Creating eco-friendly NFT infrastructure.


HGRAPH.IO is a GraphQL API that exposes data from the Hedera network utilizing the expressiveness of GraphQL. Developers ask for exactly what, often in one network call, unlocking insights and actions not possible through other means.

Anything that can be built on Hedera, can be built with HGRAPH.IO. Developers can now leverage the high-throughput, low fees, and transaction speed of the Hedera public ledger with the capabilities of GraphQL

NFT Launchpad

Turtle Moon Launchpad has launched 11 NFT projects on the Hedera network. We work with the projects to refine their vision and advice on best methods to build a flourishing community.

Using our own Hedera Mainnet API, we are the first platform on Hedera to show total volume and number of holders per project.

NFT Projects

Turtle Moon team runs two HBAR NFT projects, HGraph Punks and Moon Shells.

HGraph Punks is the biggest NFT project on Hedera by total volume with 5 million+ ℏ. Moon Shells is our project testing our alpha and beta tools, paving the way on the Hedera network for more functionality being built.

NFT Farming / Staking / DAO

We focus on UX and ease of use when creating new technology.

We have created the first NFT farming platform on the Hedera network that focuses on flexibility to users. Using the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS), our farming platform only requires a wallet signing to start the farming.

The NFT stays in the wallet and if the user wants to sell, the farming will stop. No escrow or trust needed. After the farming time is over, the user just comes back and clicks claim, and the NFT earned is sent to the user.

Seamless and simple, currently support Hedera, building solutions for ETH / SOL

Promo Code Minting

Working with Dead Pixels Ghost Club, we created the first Promo Code platform on Hedera. The system works where Dead Pixels hands out a promo code, the user signs in with their wallet, enters the code, then recevives the NFT.

Quick, simple, cheap, and eco-friendly. It doesn't get any better!

Discord Bots

Being able to engage with users on discord helps NFT creators have intimate communications directly with their holders.

Turtle Moon created the first Verification, Confirmed Sales, and Confirmed Listings discord bots for Hedera NFTs.

Minting Software

Turtle Moon is dedicated to helping create open source tools that ease the ability for creators to enter Web 3.

Our minting tools are a desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows users to mint on the Hedera network with no coding required.